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Ordnance Survey Grid Ref SU737128
Listed Grade II
Historic England Registration 1094537
Tower No
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Machine Tag HCofGB:id=941

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Tucked away in a potholed side road of this village is this small chapel. I was only out of the car for a minute and was photographing the church sign, as I always do when visiting a church, it acts as a marker when I come to process my photographs later. I was approached by a kindly lady who stated that if I wanted to see inside she'd go and get the key.

Once inside I could see what a lovely place it was for the community. She explained how it wasn't built as a Chapel but had various uses in its life. This has continued and is used for various activities today. She was keen to point out how green the church was. Its kitchen's waste water is re-cycled to water the local gardens and the toilet, which she proudly showed me was a chemical one and I must admit was one of the cleanest and brightest toilets I've ever seen in a Church. Well done to all for making this a fine Chapel and one that I'm pleased to have visited.

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